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Website's you control

Pre-designed website that you control & update online. Starts from £9.99 more details

Simple Website

Here is a simple website all we need is some info & photos; this will bring it to life for you. Only £99.00* or £9.99 monthly. Click here to have a look

One To One

One to one training covering most PC software please call 07903 939301, set area with in the uk.

*Set price for the first year then yearly renewal charged @ cost of domain name and hosting plan.

My status (we have voice mail here)
Get Skype and call me for free.

Promote Your Website


Touch Local has Information and reviews on over 2.4 million local businesses throughout the UK

Touch Local Business Finder

Want customers to find your business online? Sign up here for FREE!

Web Site Promotion Software "Web CEO"

Web CEO is the only web site promotion software you need to promote, analyze and maintain your website. Web CEO 6.5 is just released and it still has a FREE Edition! Web CEO is a powerful software suite designed to provide businesses with a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution for web site promotion. Altogether, Web CEO is a unified workspace for twelve programs that help you attain real results in search engine marketing, perform intelligent web traffic analysis, effectively manage your online estate, and easily maintain it. If you take promotion of your site seriously, it is the Software you have been seeking for so long.

Advertising information for "take the internet back"

Welcome. Please note that all of take the internet back members are also company owners, so you can be assured that everyone will be most interested in what your email has to say. We do NOT do pop-unders, redirects, expired domains, or any other traffic tricks that some advertisers use. That is why they can be so cheap at times i.e. garbage traffic. Your email goes directly to our member/owners. Additionally, we can virtually guarantee that you will never be accused of spamming as our members have entered into a contract with us, and agreed to receive and read your emails. We have made the ad submissions process as easy as we can. Simple forward us your ad using our contact form and we will email it from our servers. Our costs are more than competitive with reputable emailing services. Remember - our members are eager to receive your emails and you will not be sending them to dead mailboxes. We will let you know when your campaign begins and ends.

We do Solo ads only! Select your choice topic then i.e. targeted or untargeted. If targeted, be sure to include which category you are targeting. Email us using our contact form and tell us what your selection is, as well as how you wish to pay. We accept credit cards, Paypal, E-gold, and Moneybookers for payment. If you want to pay via check, then we will hold your check until it clears.

but if you become a member (free to join here) you will get better savings

(Note: You must be a member to get these prices)

25,000 UNTARGETED ADS - $125.00
25,000 TARGETED ADS - $250.00

Untargeted ads will be sent to everyone regardless of their preferences. Targeted ads will ONLY be sent to those who specified your selection below.


1,000 - $15.00
5,000 - $55.00
10,000 - $100.00
50,000 - $400.00

1,000 - $30.00
5,000 - $115.00
10,000 - $200.00
50,000 - $800.00



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