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Website's you control

Pre-designed website that you control & update online. Starts from £9.99 more details

Simple Website

Here is a simple website all we need is some info & photos; this will bring it to life for you. Only £99.00* or £9.99 monthly. Click here to have a look

One To One

One to one training covering most PC software please call 07903 939301, set area with in the uk.

*Set price for the first year then yearly renewal charged @ cost of domain name and hosting plan.

My status (we have voice mail here)
Get Skype and call me for free.

About West OneFour IT

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West OneFour Group has been working with computers in the leisure industry since 1993, back in the days when windows 3.1 was the system operator but technology has moved on a long way. On this website we have implemented some simple online software to help you; a free Microsoft scan which will check your computer then correct some of the problems it has found. Plus we have out lined some other information that will help you learn more about your computer. If you live in the UK & need help you can find a one to one teacher that has knowledge of the software, or you will find people that are good with IT systems. We cover one area within the UK. Please send details of any computer people you can recommend in your area so we can put them into our database for others to use. 

All types of website

We are here to assist you in getting your information on to the World Wide Web. So others can see what you are doing & what you can do for them. Plus we can offer this service to you from only £199.00 for a simple website. If you would like a free quota please fill in our online form and we will get back to you.

Let us manage your IT department

Let us manage your IT department, by letting us look after your IT department you can save the running cost & only pay for what you need to be done.

Look or buy here

Do you need a domain name (yourdomainname.co.uk) then start looking here we offer you some free services with your domain name when you buy from us. Plus you can get more when you buy a hosting plan from us. Look here for more detail.

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